Nicolas Pina

Photographer and cinematographer

I can’t stop until I achieve it.

Nicolas’ portfolio archives a diverse collection of experiences and visions from remote locations. Combining motion and stillness, he melts action sports with astonishing landscapes, finding in surf exploration his main source of inspiration.

“The solitude, the environment, the light, to be doing what you like the most (surfing; photography) in a special place, the connection. That’s what calls me.”

His highly methodical and anecdotal photos stand out not only for their harmonious shade of colors but also for their cohesive visual narrative. 

Pina is driven by the inexorable passion of delving into the most recondite areas, of traveling into the lost angle in the mirror of nature and art. Reaching the forgotten lands of the earth.

In challenging the particularities of these environments, in escalating into that extra mile —you know you might reach the limit, but you keep going. In between the adversity and the braveness, at the cost of suffering to achieve happiness. Across being who you are and being away: is this one you? 

 “My pictures can be translated into good preparation, rather than the spontaneity to see what happens. I go to a place with the picture already in my mind, sometimes a picture takes 3 months of organization. I like to construct the plan little by little, so when I arrive at the place, I do the best: an epic picture.”

Nicolas portrays timeless moments and vivid emotions in the elements of the composition; a loyal and savage representation of a human in nature.

“I always attempt to include a human factor, even if it’s a miniature, to impersonate some perspective. You can situate yourself in the image. A picture that transcends the pass of time, so anyone can look at it in 10 years and still have the same feeling. Pictures that connect, that vibe, that pop out of the screen. And thus, the spectator admires the habitat we live in.”

Words: David Chavez

Photos: Nicolas Pina