Martín Cascú

Argentinian origin, Cadiz preface, and currently, in Barcelona the ongoing story, the evolution of Cascú as an artist, illustrator and graphic designer, is cohesive and inspiring. 

Throughout his career Cascú presents a genuine development that shows psychological and moral growth. Cataloging his visual narrative as bildungsroman. 

“My art is growing with me, and it is changing and evolving with every experience I have in my life, either they’re good or bad moments. I think my art means this challenge of growing up and facing all these punches we get from the adult life. It’s not a pessimistic point of view, it’s just that I create when I think I’ve got something to relief about. This happens when I am feeling upset, stressed or anything that I need to get rid off. When I feel fine I just can’t create but I am working on this.”

A compulsiveness to explore the context, searching for new places and finding yourself in places you have already been. How many times you go through the city seeking for memories that won’t ever come back? Is it nostalgia knocking on the door of your soul? Were those times far behind better than now? is it melancholy or euphoria?

“I go for a walk through the city. It feels good to go out not knowing where are you going and just trying to enjoy what’s surrounding you. I usually forget how I get here. My love-hate relationship with Barcelona it’s still being beautiful. When I go around I try to go to new places and I can spend hours walking or skating around. I am happy I can keep feeling like a foreigner sometimes.”

The self-artistic definition contains descriptions of the process, relating what are the main characteristics in its features. A progressive experimentalism could be highlighted in its pieces, visible in the images below. A comparison to be standing in a crossroad and deciding which path to take, when the road of realistic art is never an option. 

“My art goes between abstract and figurative because sometimes I just paint shapes with different colors and then I start to fill everything with weird stuff like creatures or daily objects. That’s why I’m not able to say if it is either one of both styles. Lately I like to use just black and white, maybe one or two extra colors to play with the main piece and lots of details. By the way, the only thing I am sure about is that I am way too far of the realistic art.”

Based on his irretrievably relation with the sea, the waves and its horizon, but also for his contact with the place he lives in, Cascú reproduces his experiences into drawings that are representative in form and ideas, in dreams and emotions, in lights and shadows, in the interior peace and the truth of life.  

Paintings: Martin Cascu
Video: Tadej Hrastovec
Words: David Chávez